Code-Print Rollers and Consumables

PIC - Inking RollersTop

PIC's ink cartridges are manufactured from special imported bonded cellulose fibers, which have solid highly durable porous structure. The cartridges are suitable for various Indian/Imported coding machines / FFS machines and other marking systems attached to different packing machines available in the market. The rollers are covered with cotton sleeves to prevent sticking of fibers to the rubber / polymer marking stereos.


PIC-Ink cartridges are also made from special bonded pure polypropylene fibers which form true gradient density from outer to inner surface of ink cartridge. These are most suitable for absorption of coding ink and the ink retains in the cartridge for longer time.

The rollers are available in various sizes as per customer requirement.

Blister / Strip CartridgesTop

The aluminum body cartridge (parma roller) are made for Blister packaging machine, FFS machines & Coding machines. The absorbing material used is POLY POROUS in various microns varying from 1 micron to 25 micron depending on requirement of customers. The absorbing capacity of this cartridge is quite high & the cartridges are hard so the impression is very precise with more clarity. Special ling treated cotton cloth knitted sleeves (covering ) are used to avoid direct contact of stereo with roller.


These ink cartridges are customized in size & design as per the requirement & specification of the machines. The outer diameter (OD) can be to a maximum size of 75 mm & the inner diameter can be of sizes as per machine fitting, & the length is variable till 400 mm.

All range of these blister and strip cartridges are extensively used in Indian & imported packaging machines and have immense acceptance in the industry. These ink cartridges (rollers) offer not only sturdy & long lasting, but also offer excellent value for money & superb mileage of the batch-printing inks.

Inking Felt Tubes & PadsTop

The Felt tubes are made from VIRGIN Australian wool of various densities from .35 to .60 depending on the requirement of customers.


The following STANDARD Tubes / Cartridges are available:

ID (mm) OD (mm) LENGTH (mm)

The Tubes / Cartridge of other sizes can also be manufactured against order. Side Rings can be provided to Felt Tubes as per requirements.

We also manufacture Felt Pads & tips in various thicknesses as per customer design.

The standard sizes of pads are available:

L (mm) W (mm) Thickness

These Felt Tubes & Pads are mainly used for absorbing Inks & to be used in FFS machines / CONTACT CODERS / Blister pack machines etc. The absorbing capacity of these Tubes / Pads is quite high. The tips - are used for marker pen & are available in various sizes.

Special tubes for Tradle machines are also available. By using these tubes, one may convert tradle machines to liquid Ink.

Suitable CODING INKS / HDPE Woven sack inks / CODING MACHINES are also manufactured.

PIC Hot Ink (Dry Ink) RollerTop

PCS Introduces HOT INK ROLLER for various dry-contact coders of MARKEM & KORTHO machines. This PCS-HOT INK ROLLERS are outstanding products & do not require adding or charging of conventional inks. It is solid at room temperature & do not smudge. It is non-toxic, gives sharp impressions & contains solvent free ink & therefore there are no hazards possible as in the conventional ink.


These type of rollers are used in various industries such as food industry (snack foods, nuts, chips, confectionaries,) pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dairy, frozen food etc.

Hot Melt Ink Rolls are designed to be used in high many different high speed date coding & lot number marking printers which use stamps affixed to a rotating drum which contacts a heated urethane roll impregnated with an ink/paraffin formulation. Once the print head is covered with the hot ink, the rotating drum deposits the ink mixture on the label or packaging substrate.

The ink rolls themselves are hard & dry to the touch at room temperature. However, when plugged into the printer, the roll itself is heated inside the printer, & the ink becomes liquid. Once deposited on the substrate, the ink dries almost instantly & creates a mark that is permanent & visually readable. The result is a visually readable date code, which is simple & extremely cost effective. Hot ink roller in various sizes is also available as per customer’s requirements. Along with the PCS - hot ink rollers, BRASS TYPES are also available to be used with it.

ID OD L Suitable For

Colors Available: Red, Green, Blue, Black, Yellow, White

Grooved / Flat Stereo TypesTop

Grooved rubber stereos / belts are used for making different statutory information's on packing. The message is composed using PCS Base lock types stereos which inter lock into the Grooved belt and are linked by PCS coding ink.


The grooved belt is available in 2" x 18" size. You may cut it to your required size. PCS lock types are molded from specially formulated rubber to give sharp & clear impressions & are available in standard combinations of numerical & alphabets.

Also logo type’s visuals can be supplied. PCS lock types are available in 1.6mm, 2.4mm, 3.6mm, 14mm, and 25mm sizes.

Also loose rubber stereos are available in 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm sizes. Loose rubber stereos are available in 0 to 9, 1 to 31, A to Z, JAN. To DEC., 2007, MFG.,EXP.,B.NO.,LOT NO., MFG.DATE., L.T.EXTRA., BATCH NO., USE BEFORE, MFG. LIC.NO., M.R.P., Rs., etc. Special rubber stereos can be manufactured as per customer requirements.


Base lock Characters: Individual letters or figures can be supplied separately in any quantity.

Base lock Logotypes: Combinations of letters or figures can be molded as one piece for constantly used legends. Any special design or trademark can be produced from supplied artwork.

Base lock Hand Stamps: These can be supplied in any size fitted with a ribbed Rubber base for use with any size of Base lock Type. Large hand stamps can be made with a curved base to give better control when printing. Reciprocating hand stamps with an integral ink pad are also available.

Grooved Rubber Stereo Sets Containing (For Sizes Under 6 Mm):

  • 6 each letters - A, E, I, O, U
  • 4 each figures 0-9
  • 2 each Hieroglyphics

Hot Foil Multi ColorTop

PCS offers Premium quality ‘Hot Foil Printing Ribbon’ to print variable information for code-printing on various types of packing materials.


Features of Hot Foil Printing Ribbon:

  • Good adherence, Fine and Sharp stamping / code-print quality.
  • Series suitable temperature range 95-150 degrees Celsius.
  • Sizes: 25mm x 100m, 30mm x 100m, 35mm x 100m. (other customized sizes also available)
  • Impression quality is very consistent and foil durability is of highest standards.
  • Suitable on printing on variety of substrates like Wood , Nylon, Metallized bags , PP, BOPP, LDP, Laminates etc.
  • Easy release formulation which gives sharp and clear prints.